My memory of Lady Caroline 


Chant Dar Ome`s Lady Caroline was born in Sweden the 20. of June 1989.
The breeder Irene Brolin delivered her here with us on my birthday in September 1989. I bought Lady Caroline without seeing her first. Irene Brolin promised me a star, and she gave me one. 

Lady Caroline’s pet name was Line. She started her show career silent and quiet and as a young cat she became the Best In Show for the first time.

As a cat, she was incredible in many ways. As an earlier breeder of silver cats once said:” Here is the Chinchilla, we all have dreamt about”, but never thought we could have. Line became a mother to a kitten, that unfortunately  died.  After several difficult years, with illness she was castrated. After that her show career got started.

She became World Winner I 1993. She was the Best In Show 18 times. She ended her career by being Eu.Premier and Best of No 1. Line was my cat. We hade a special relationship to each other. We talked  together by her body language. Always she understood how to tell me, what she wanted. She was a nice and friendly cat. In December 1999 she became very ill, and as several times before she and I did everything we could to make her well again, but I could feel, that she didn’t wanted to fight this time, she couldn’t fight anymore, so it was a big sorrow, that I hade to say goodbye to her the  15. of January 2000.

Line gave us so much, and when she died, there was an emptiness in the hole family and we still miss her.

Today Line have a special place in my heart og she will never be forgotten. Line was 10 years when she died.

Thanks for everything Line         






Pokaler she had part






Show results



Horsholm 4/5 Nov 89                                         BIV, Nominatet

Aars    25/26 Nov 89                                          BIV young animal

Randers    1 April 90                                          BIV Total,Best In Show young animal

Aalborg 7/8  Sep  91                                           BIV, Nominate Champion

Aalborg   27 Sep  92                                           CAP, Nominatet

Aarhu 10/11 Okt 92                                           CAP, BIV, BIS

Viborg 28/29 Nov 92                                           BOX, Premier

Hobro27/28 Marts93                                          CAPIB, BOX

Kobenhavn 17/18 April 93                                 World Winner

Flensburg  6 Juni   93                                          CAPIB, INT.Premier, BIS

Hojbyhallen 4 Juli    93                                       CAGPIB, BIS, BEST OF BEST  2

Cuxhaven      11 Juli 93                                       CAGPIB, BOX 

Ebeltoft     17/18 Juli 93                                       CAGPIB, BIS, BEST OF BEST 3

Helsingor  8 August  93                                       CAGPIB, BIS, BEST OF BEST 2

Timmendorfer 29 August 93                                GRAND INT.PREMIER, BOX

Silkeborg  23/24 Ock 93                                      CAPE, BOX

Middelfart 27/28 Nov 93                                      CAPE, BOX

Rotterdam 16 Januar 94                                      CAPE, BOX

Aarhus   3 April 94                                                CAPE, BOX

Aarhus   4 April 94                                                CAPE, BOX

Kellinghusen  3 Juli 94                                          CAPE, BOX

Esbjerg  1/2 Juli 95                                                 EU.PREMIER, BIS, BEST OF BEST  1

JYRAKS TOP 3-----1993                                       NR.1 in 107 point

FELIS DANICAS TOPKATTE----1993/94           NR.5 in 1017 point