My life as a cat
Chiko Von Engell
Born.on the 12/6 1986

This is about my first year. I still live with my lovely family, which I care a lot about.
I moved in, when I was 10 weeks old. I am getting old now
but I`m still healthy.

The Gallery

the day I movedinto the family


How big am I


Do you want to fight




We have fun

I steale hearts in the sink

I play cards




I drink coffee

I help with washing laundry

I try to catch  some fish




I play with water

 Here is something I like


Who is knoking




I think, I am a bird

This is my favotits place

I read magazines




Who can find me ?

I am 1 years old

I play with my best friend


I am lovely, dont you think



A dear,loyal.and old friend has left us.Chiko was an old and tired cat who now rest in peace.
He passed away peacefully in my arms.
Thank you for many good years.You were loved and will be missed.
Chiko died 2004-07-12 ----- 18 years old.